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Unlock Your Business's Potential with Expert Social Media Management

As a business leader, we know you strive for growth but face the challenge of managing an effective social media presence.

Juggling content creation, engagement, and strategy is overwhelming, often leading to missed opportunities.

We understand these challenges.

Our expert team is dedicated to crafting a social media strategy that resonates with your audience.

We offer comprehensive packages, including content creation, community management, and insightful analytics, tailored to your unique needs.

Ready to amplify your social media impact? Get in touch with us for a hassle-free, growth-focused online presence.

Imagine your business thriving with increased engagement, a strong brand identity, and measurable growth through expert social media management!

Don’t let the complexities of social media marketing hold your business back.

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Social Media Management


Pricing Options


Ideal for small businesses looking to establish a foothold in the digital landscape. This package includes feed posts across two channels, with community management and monthly reporting to track performance.

BHD 500 Month
  • 8 Feed Posts
  • 2 Instagram Story Designs
  • Up to 2 Channels

    Select from: FB/IG/GB/LI/X

  • Captions Included (English)
  • Hashtags Included
  • Community Management
  • Client Provided Images & Video

    Images should be provided by the client; alternatively stock imagery will be used in post and story designs. Videos to be provided by the client unless procured through GO.

  • Instagram Post Boosting
  • Monthly Report


Designed for businesses aiming to scale their online presence. This comprehensive package includes short-form videos, multilingual posts, and a monthly photo & video shoot, ensuring fresh, engaging content. With post boosting on Instagram and community management it's perfect for brands serious about growth.

BHD 900 Month
  • 12 Feed Posts

    The total number of feed posts includes the short-form videos.

  • x2 Short-form Videos
  • 4 Instagram Story Designs
  • Up to 3 Channels

    Select from: FB/IG/GB/LI/X

  • Captions Included (English & Arabic)
  • Hashtags Included
  • Community Management
  • x1 4-Hour Photo & Video Shoot

    Photo & Video Shoot for social media scope of work only.

  • Instagram Post Boosting
  • Monthly Report & Recommendations


For brands that are truly serious about dominating the social media space. This package includes a tailored social media strategy, higher frequency of posts, more short-form videos, up to five channels and active community engagement on Instagram. With two monthly photo & video shoots and post boosting on Instagram, it's the ultimate solution for a robust online presence.

BHD 1,500 Month
  • Up to 20 Feed Posts

    The total number of feed posts includes the short-form videos.

  • x4 Short-form Videos
  • 8 Instagram Story Designs
  • Up to 5 Channels

    Select from: FB/IG/GB/LI/X

  • Captions Included (English & Arabic)
  • Hashtags Included
  • Community Management
  • Active Community Engagement (Instagram)

    Active Community Engagement (ACE) up to 15mins per day

  • x2 4-Hour Photo & Video Shoots

    Photo & Video Shoot for social media scope of work only.

  • Instagram Post Boosting
  • Monthly Report & Recommendations
  • Social Media Strategy

    Content Pillars, Tone of Voice, Style Guide, Audience Analysis, Competitive Analysis

Looking to add social media advertising?

All of our social media management plans have (Meta) post boosts included, however, this is not the best-practise way to advertise online. Leverage the power of our social media advertising services and you’ll see the difference! 


How it works?


We believe in a strategic approach to social media, understanding the marketing funnel and tailoring content to engage audiences at every stage. Our team collaborates with you monthly to devise a content plan that strikes a balance between promotional, educational, and informative posts. This plan will be aligned with any monthly or seasonal promotions and events.


Depending on your selected package, we offer a variety of post types, from feed posts to story designs. We also actively re-post appropriate user-generated stories daily. For packages that include it, we execute monthly video and photo shoots, collaborating with you on content ideas, casting, and editing.


Upon approval of the content plan, we handle the scheduling and posting across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, X, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts (Video only)


Beyond posting, effective social media management requires responsive community engagement. Our onboarding session helps us understand your brand’s voice, values, and boundaries. We actively monitor and respond to comments, reviews, and messages, ensuring your brand maintains a professional and engaging online presence.


To gauge effectiveness and identify areas of improvement, we provide monthly reports across all your selected social media channels. These reports offer insights into key metrics, trends, and month-on-month comparisons.

Want to know the secret to exploding your social media engagement and following?

It’s simple really… the answer is active community engagement. Unfortunately this is commonly missed by most businesses.

We’re not just talking about responding to comments and DM’s, although this is important, the secret to making a major impact on social media is to actively engage with your target audience through community outreach. 

We have a proven method that we follow and offer this as an additional service add-on. 

Find our more about our active community engagement service by booking a free consultation with us below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to prepare content?

Once your onboarding session is completed, expect a draft calendar within 2-weeks. For your review and approval. Completion of the calendar is dependent on any photo and video shoot scheduling requirements. For our Amplify package we require an additional week to work on your social media strategy.

How much of my time is needed?

We require up to 2 hours for an initial onboarding call/meet. After that, the time you dedicate to reviewing content is up to you. We accommodate both hands-on and hands-off clients.

How do you schedule the content?

We link your social media accounts to our agency management platform, Planable. If you have preferred software, let us know, though training our staff might be required. For Instagram stories, we post directly from the app and may need direct account access.

Can I see an example of the content you send for approval?

Please see the images below for an example of how our post content is sent to you for review and approval. Each page is a slide in a Google Doc that we share with you.

Examples of short-form video we produce on a monthly basis

Do you supply models and props?

GOamplify works with local agencies and direct with local models as and when required. The average cost of a model is BD 40 per hour. The exact requirements for models and props depend on the production brief and agreement in our pre-production meeting. Budgets for models and props are additional to our service fees and payment is required 100% in advance.

Examples of Our Photography

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